Overcoming Dreamicide: The Mindset, Methods and Metrics to Execute Ideas and Keep Your Dreams Alive
Overcoming Dreamicide: The Mindset, Methods and Metrics to Execute Ideas and Keep Your Dreams Alive

Overcoming Dreamicide: The Mindset, Methods and Metrics to Execute Ideas and Keep Your Dreams Alive

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Author: Browne, Sherman

Edition: 1

Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 160


Release Date: 02-01-2018

Details: Product description In this groundbreaking self-empowerment guide, a renowned empowerment coach offers a roadmap to mastering the art of fulfillment through the progressive realization of your dreams. Oftentimes, people die with great dreams buried in their hearts. They wanted to break free from mediocrity but settled for an unfulfilling life of misery. It’s the common case of what Sherman Browne calls committing Dreamicide— the unintentional killing of your dreams. This epidemic has been rampant for too long. Until Now… In Overcoming Dreamicide, you’ll discover how to: •Demolish fears and worries that stifle your aspirations •Recognize Dream Assets and get rid of Dream Liabilities •Embrace challenges and risks as opportunities for growth •Appreciate the value of the process over the end results •Manage the pursuit of your dreams and the demands of your life Using his life experiences, academic research and stories of high achievers in business, entertainment, and sports, Browne shares proven systems to achieve personal and professional fulfillment. Whether you’re searching for your life’s purpose, starting or expanding a business, or seeking to improve your performance, this book is for you. So get the defibrillator ready, you’re about to experience a Dream Resurrection. Review "Professor Sherman Browne speaks to the soul of a person. He challenges the inner self to stand and become who you were called to be. He has the gift of empowerment and lives what he preaches and teaches. His perspective-shifting insights truly ignite your desire and catapult you into action." Kelly Dessin, Financial Educator/Network Marketing Professional Many books will bring you value in the meantime, but there are others that will provide you with lessons for a lifetime. Overcoming Dreamicide is a lifetime book. These timeless principles, combined with the practical exercises and solutions are a Dreamers manual for success in business and life endeavors. Sherman Browne's timeless wisdom will help you exceed expectations!" Andre A. Samuels, Board Chairman, AIMHigh Empowerment Institute Inc. "I proudly served for eight years in the U.S. Marine Corps. When I returned from Afghanistan my life was completely train wrecked. The things I saw and encountered were gruesome. When I signed up for courses with Sherman Browne, he sensed the sadness bottled up inside of me, but he also saw buried deep within me a "Great Leader". He poured new strength into me, resurrected my hope and redirected my focus. Today I am a better man because of what I learned from Sherman Browne." Kelvin Estevez, Ret. Sergeant U.S. Marine Corps "Finally, a straight-forward, practical guide to conquering your dreams without the fluff that is traditionally offered from most self-help books. From the moment I opened the book, I was captivated by the stories, strategies, and systems that were provided. Overcoming Dreamicide is a game-changer for how to think, act and measure your progress!" Patrice Francois, Asst. Branch Manager Ridgewood Savings Bank "Rarely do you find someone who possesses such a potent gift for inspiration, who has the ability to unapologetically confront you on your non-sense (excuses), while simultaneously keeping you motivated to accomplish your goals. That is what you get from Sherman Browne and the AIMHigh Ambassadors program; they give you the pill that is often hard to swallow but is undoubtedly good for your personal and professional well-being. AIMHIGH IS THE REAL DEAL!" Moriah Cody, Youth and Young Adult Advocate "POWERFUL, INSIGHTFUL, TRUTHFUL, AND PRACTICAL are the words to describe Overcoming Dreamicide. Sherman Browne's approach will certainly leave an indelible mark on your mind and in your life. Follow the steps of the systems provided and you'll experience joy and happiness in the pursuit of your dreams." Crystal Camejo, Graduate Student About the Author Sherman Browne is a world-class speaker, award-winning educator, social entrepreneur and full-time

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