Speaking Boricua: A Practical Guide to Puerto Rican Spanish (Spanish Edition)
Publicaciones Puertorriquenas, Inc.

Speaking Boricua: A Practical Guide to Puerto Rican Spanish (Spanish Edition)

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Author: Jared Romey


  • 30 Illustrations

Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 101

Publisher: Publicaciones Puertorriquenas, Inc.

Release Date: 01-12-2005

Details: Product Description Speaking Boricua is a humorous guide to Puerto Rican Spanish. With over 1500 Puerto Rican words and phrases, you will quickly understand Puerto Rican slang. Cartoon photos illustrate many of the words and phrases in an entertaining way. By using a few of these words your Puerto Rican friends will be laughing hysterically. Words such as tripear, un quita'o, bregar, coraje, serrucho, mahón, cafre, palo, zafacón, china, fumón and mofongo will quickly become part of your everyday Puerto Rican vocabulary. Do you already speak Spanish? Well these words mean something completely different in Puerto Rico!! The book also includes pronunciation and grammar sections that teach you how to speak and understand Puerto Rican. Symbols let you know when a word is naughty, similar to English, or commonly used. This book is the most in-depth, up-to-date source of Puerto Rican Spanish available.NOTE: This is a Bilingual Book (English and Spanish) and contains words that are not appropriate for kids. From the Author When I first moved to Puerto Rico, I already spoke Spanish fluently, had traveled and lived in Latin America extensively, and was quite sure that my move to Puerto Rico would be an easy transition. What a fool I was! It took me over month to figure out what a mahón is, and much, much longer to understand mé-ká-wé-ná .   If you visit Puerto Rico and don't understand words like cafre, chulería , mami, palo, tripear or zafacón... are a Puerto Rican living outside of the Island and forgot what ATH, bien brutal, chivo or un quitao mean... or are supposed to meet someone in Pepino and can't find it on the map... this book will help you. About the Author Suffering a typical 9-5 existence, Jared's foray into lunch-hour Spanish shook up his mundane life. He quit his job, stopped by briefly to school, and then left his country...for 14 years. Early stumblings in real-world Spanish taught him that a cola isn't just a soft drink, bicho doesn't always mean a bug, and boludo may be heartfelt or middle-finger felt. Nine countries, three business start-ups, two bestsellers and a Puerto Rican wife later, he is still confounded by how many Spanish words exist for panties. His quest is to discover all those words. In between, he meanders the Earth, dabbles in languages, drinks wine and sells shampoo.

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