The Life We Live
The Life We Live
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The Life We Live

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Author: Kyat, B-jah

Binding: Hardcover

Number Of Pages: 134

Publisher: Xlibris Corp

Release Date: 27-07-2018

Details: Synopsis for "The Life We Live" "The life we Live, a succinctly written story, puts you on the scene with Gatty, Black, JR, and B-Jah, Comin live from the Virgin Islands, strap yourself in and take a vivid ride with four adolescent thugs as they hustle, rob, and kill because of the life they live. A real good book check it out!" -Jakari Ford, author of "It cost to be the Boss" -Wakulla, Work Camp "The Life We Live is the best book I read all year, B-Jah, you really did your thing, I see you goin places in the game. Everyone have to check it out! It's a page turner that will keep you wonderin whats gonna happen next." -Demetrius Walker, author of "Set Tripping" -Wakulla, Work Camp "Menh, if it was up to me I'd say bump a Synopsis, but like Nino said -It's bigger than B-Jah kyat. Them folks want a synopsis so a synop it is. Well, the story of "_ e Life We Life," which is told through the eyes of B-Jah, unfolds with a deadly bank robbery; spins back in time showin the introduction of Black, JR, Gatty, and B-Jah into grimy blood stain streets of ST.Thomas, then gives you a twistin conclusion, one that leaves you wantin more. Jakari described the story as "Succinctly written," (What ever that means) and Demetrius said it was "the best book I read all year," But I say - Just read the book!" -B-Jah Kyat, author of "Million Dollar Lie" -Wakulla, Work Camp

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