Team Tart Collection

In the Caribbean, we enjoy several traditional home baked goods.  One of my favorites is our sweet Virgin Islands tarts.  Tarts are our local baked delicacies similar in look to an American pie, but with a dense savory home-made crust and a host of sweet tropical fruit fillings.  
Our classic traditional fillings include coconut, pineapple, guava & during the holidays, guavaberry.  Recently I've seen locals experiment with other fruit fillings like mango & strawberry.  If you've had the pleasure of tasting our local tarts, you know just how delicious they are. If not, feel free check out our collection recipe links and try your hand at recreating one of our holiday favorites!
Team Tart T-shirts are available in Coconut Tart, Guava Tart, Pineapple Tart, Mango Tart and Papaya Tart.  My personal favorite is Coconut Tart, what's yours?