Cultural Headwraps
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Cultural Headwraps

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I love headwraps!  They are such a rich part of black history and Caribbean culture.  Whether you refer to them as headwraps, headdress, head-ties, head-scarves or turbans their use can be traced as far back as Sub-Saharan Africa. In the Caribbean, they were worn as an act of rebellion as laws prohibited women to showcase their natural hair, which were often worn in elaborate braided styles. Laws also forbade them to wear hats which were reserved for Caucasian women.  Instead, our beautiful women wore headwraps and grew even more creative with fabric, colorful prints and various methods of folding fabric into different designs. Headwraps were also used as a method for identifying a woman’s relationship status, as folded styles indicated whether she was married, engaged or single. 

Today, headwraps save me both time and money. They are great alternatives if you’re constantly on the go and need to do something cute with your hair (since snapbacks are frowned upon in the office).  They also save me on those bad hair days, or on days I honestly don't feel like being bothered (usually because my hair needs to be detangled), or on days I’m unable to invest the hours required to style my hair.  We offer a broad assortment of headwraps made from our favorite cultural fabrics that can be folded in the design of your choice.

  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Measurements: TBD

Not sure how to tie a head wrap? No worries! Here’s a great step-by-step video on how you can achieve a few simple head wrap styles!