In Pursuit of Purpose: The Key to Personal Fulfillment
In Pursuit of Purpose: The Key to Personal Fulfillment
In Pursuit of Purpose: The Key to Personal Fulfillment
Munroe Myles

In Pursuit of Purpose: The Key to Personal Fulfillment

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Author: Munroe, Myles

Brand: Munroe Myles

Edition: Second Edition, Second

Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 176

Publisher: Destiny Image

Release Date: 15-09-2015

Details: Product Description Discover the Secret to Personal Fulfillment and Unlocking Your Destiny! The greatest tragedy in life is not death… but life without a reason. It’s dangerous to be alive and not know why you were given life. —Dr. Myles Munroe Do you want to know the true meaning of your life, fulfill your dreams, and unlock your destiny? It all starts with discovering your life purpose. This doesn’t just happen overnight—it is a journey. To successfully travel the road towards finding personal fulfillment and significance, there are specific key decisions you need to make. These decisions are actually secrets to finding motivation to pursue your life’s purpose… even when you encounter difficult circumstances or struggle with hopelessness. In the motivating style that made Dr. Myles Munroe one of the premier communicators of his generation, In Pursuit of Purpose gives you the keys to fulfilling the very things that you were put on Earth to do. The following pages bring you into what feels like an intimate conversation with Dr. Munroe as he shares the essential principles, precepts and concepts that will help you begin the journey to understanding your purpose and fulfilling your destiny. From the Back Cover Purpose is the master of motivation and the mother of commitment. When nations, societies, communities, friendships, marriages, clubs, churches, countries or tribes lose their sense of purpose and significance, then confusion, frustration, discouragement, disillusionment and corporate suicide--whether gradual or instant--reign. This is evident in our world. In every nation there is a generation that seems to have lost their sense of purpose. They are out of touch with the values, morals and convictions that build strong families, secure communities, healthy societies and prosperous nations. Thus, the moral fabric of most societies is being stretched and tested to its outer limits. You must realize that your fulfillment in life is dependent on your becoming and doing what you were born to be and do. For without purpose, life has no heart. Dr. Myles Munroe has fashioned a compass that can focus you on the path toward fulfillment while providing the answer to the question, "Why am I here?" About the Author Myles Munroe was a Global Leader, professional Consultant, Leadership Coach, Mentor, International Motivational Speaker, Business and Corporate Trainer, Spiritual Leader, Government Advisor, Educator, Master Teacher, Media Host and Bestselling Author. He was one of the outstanding leaders of our generation. He was selected as one of the Top 20 voices of influence in the world by GT Magazine survey and he has positively impacted millions of lives around the world. Dr. Munroe is also Founder and was senior pastor of Bahamas Faith Ministries International and Chairman of International Third World Leaders Association empowering millions to discover their personal purpose and develop their true potential. Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved. “The deepest craving of the human spirit is to find a sense of significance and relevance. The search for relevance in life is the ultimate pursuit of man.” —from the Preface

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