Afirahs | Philadelphia, PA

Afirahs, founded by Sharifa King

Sharifa and I first met in Joseph Gomez Elementary School and declared ourselves BFFs from the 4th grade. Healthcare professional by day, wife, mother and business owner by night, she is the proud owner of Afirahs (Sharifa backwards) Homemade, a creative culinary catering experience where she uses her artistic talents and homemade traditions to provide clients with a wide range of delicacies. In addition to being a talented artist, she is a natural-food chef and only uses pure, homegrown and organic ingredients in her dishes. Flavor means everything so she goes out of her way, often shopping at the Amish markets, to ensure the ingredients are the freshest and of the highest quality. Everything she prepares is made from scratch, including her baked goods. Can you believe she even makes her own icing from scratch? With both her and her husband's art school backgrounds, Afirahs catering events are more of a production as they are accompanied by props and artistry. In addition to her edible creations, she also makes natural soaps and hair butters. This is merely a 1/4 of the things Sharifa creates in her kingdom. Although she is extremely modest and despises being put on the spot, I wanted to recognize her on as her consistent hardwork and dedication to her craft inspire me daily.

Be sure to follow her on Instagram at @afirahseats or on Snapchat at @afirahsusvi.

Sharifa King, owner of Afirahs

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