Request a Quote

Thank you so much for your interest in Carib Cultura Beauty services!  In order to provide you with the best possible quote for your needs, please provide us with as much details as possible regarding your event or concept.  Consider answering the following questions:

  • What date are you requiring makeup services?
  • What time would you like the MUA to arrive and have you reviewed the estimated times listed for each onsite service we provide?
  • What is the location for the event where the MUA will be providing services?
  • Does the location have a bathroom or sink accessible with running water?
  • What type of event are you attending?
  • What is the attire/theme for the event?
  • What color is the client's outfit and/or accessories for the event?
  • Is the client allergic to any product ingredients, i.e. sensitivity to silicone, latex, or SPF?
  • What is the client's skin type (i.e. dry, oily, combination)?
  • What is the client's skin tone (i.e. deep, dark, medium, light, fair)?
  • Does the client have any skin concerns the MUA should be aware about (i.e. chronic acne, broken skin, rashes, hyperpigmentation, photoaging, birthmarks, etc.)?
  • What style of makeup is the client looking for?
  • For editorial, FX or Carnival makeup, are there additional face accessories (i.e. glitter, gems, face art, etc.) you would like us to add to complete your makeup look?
  • Do you have a photo for reference of a makeup application you would like us to use as inspiration?