About Us

"Carib" is short for Caribbean | "Cultura" is the Spanish word for Culture

Carib Cultura Beauty is a celebration of the beauty of Caribbean culture!


Mrs. Dorset, founder of Carib Cultura Beauty
"I was born and raised in the Virgin Islands (U.S. and U.K.).  Growing up, I was also fortunate to have visited the other islands throughout the Caribbean.  Due to my experiences, I gained an understanding of different cultures and became proficient in several languages.  However, one thing that became apparent to me is that we are more alike than we are different.  Our ancestors were all descendants of Africans, indigenous islanders, and colonizers.  Our original history, traditions and customs were altered during slavery as we were scattered throughout the archipelago of the Caribbean.  As a result, we've adapted many different customs, languages and dialects.  Yet, our resilient spirit remains the same.   That resiliency coupled with our strong sense of community also allows us to instinctively pay it forward and encourage, uplift and motivate those we come across, regardless of race, ethnicity or nationality. For this reason, our mission at Carib Cultura Beauty is to help people discover their confidence and express their YOUniqueness through cosmetics and fashion until their confidence, courageousness and creativity become a lifestyle.
To my Caribbean people, it is important to never forget or become ashamed of your roots, wherever they have been planted. It is the strength I learned growing up in the Caribbean that continues to propel me forward for success.  I also wanted to create a space that would allow me to introduce our rich culture to others, as well as celebrate our successes.  Believe it our not, Caribbean people all possess similar customs and traditions, utilize the same products, possess similar cultural fashion and style, and consume the same foods, with each island embracing its own uniqueness.  
I welcome you to celebrate the beauty of the Caribbean and the strength of its people, discover your inner Caribbean goddess, embrace your own YOUniqueness and love yourself inside and out.  When you indulge in Carib Cultura Beauty, I hope you awaken your self-confidence, be proud of your own heritage, encounter opportunities to support other Caribbean people, overcome your personal fears, and ultimately discover your God-given purpose. Enjoy the experience!"