Carib Cultura Box (3 options)
Carib Cultura Box (3 options)
Carib Cultura Box (3 options)
Carib Cultura Box (3 options)
Carib Cultura

Carib Cultura Box (3 options)

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What better way to celebrate the holidays than by gifting the beauty of Caribbean Culture with a Carib Cultura Box!

Carib Cultura Boxes provide you with the perfect assortment of traditional Virgin Islands holiday treats.  Share the beauty of our Caribbean culture at your next event by showing up with our tarts and holiday beverages.  We invite you to elevate your tart experience, as one bite of our Carib Cultura Caribbean tart, a beautiful fusion of U.S. and British Virgin Islands culture, and one sip of our Coquito or Sorrel Drink, a medley of both Puerto Rican and Trinidad & Tobago influences and you're guaranteed to be the MVP at your next gift exchange or holiday event. Choose from three options:

#1 Carib Cultura Backstreet Box:

  • x1 Mini 4 in Coconut Tart
  • x1 Mini 4 in Guava Tart
  • x1 Mini 4 in Pineapple Tart
  • x1 Sorrel Drink, 5 oz
  • x1 Coquito Drink, 5 oz

#2 Carib Cultura Main Street Box:

  • x1 6 in Coconut Tart
  • x1 6 in Guava Tart
  • x1 6 in Pineapple Tart
  • x1 Sorrel Drink, 375ml
  • x1 Coquito Drink, 375ml

#2 Carib Cultura Waterfront Box:

  • x1 9 in Coconut Tart
  • x1 9 in Guava Tart
  • x1 9 in Pineapple Tart
  • x1 Coquito Drink, 750ml
  • x1 Sorrel Drink, 750ml
  • x1 Carib Cultura stemless wine glass

    We also offer 3 different recipes, based on your dietary restrictions:

    1. Our traditional recipe contains standard baking ingredients, such as all purpose flour, sugar, milk and eggs.  This is our standard Virgin Islands recipe that is the most savory, with a light and moist crust.
    2. Our gluten-free recipe contains gluten-free flour, brown sugar, a nut milk alternative, and eggs.  The consistency of the crust is slightly more dense than our traditional recipe, and the flavor is much sweeter.
    3. Our vegan recipe contains gluten-free and nut flours, brown sugar, and a nut milk alternative.  it does NOT contain eggs.  The vegan recipe, although just as tasty, has a more grainy crust compared to our traditional recipe.

    Allow 5-7 days processing time. All sales on baked goods are final.  Tarts are baked to order and guaranteed delicious upon arrival.   

    *Only available for a limited time, when fruits are in season.  

    For rush orders, special requests (such as darker crusts, sugar substitutes, etc.), bulk orders for events, or for alternate forms of payment i.e. CashApp, please Contact Us.