Demijohn of Coquito (3 options)
Demijohn of Coquito (3 options)
Demijohn of Coquito (3 options)
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Demijohn of Coquito (3 options)

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Coquito is a traditional coconut-based drink enjoyed throughout the Caribbean, specifically during the holidays. Originating in Puerto Rico, "coquito" literally translated means little coconut.  Its primary ingredients are coconut, rum, milk and cinnamon.  It is creamy and sweet and is commonly referred to as Puerto Rican eggnog, although it is much more delicious.  Pair it with one of our Coconut Tarts and you're sure to have a real island treat!

Demijohn is a vintage term of French origin used in the islands to describe large bottles used to hold wine, specifically known for storing guavaberry.  It contains about a gallon of product and can fill about 4.5 750ml bottles.

We offer 3 different recipes, based on your dietary restrictions.  We DO NOT utilize eggs in either recipe:

  1. Traditional, contains evaporated whole milk
  2. Vegan, uses a nut milk substitute
  3. Pumpkin Spice*, uses flavored pumpkin spice, similar to your favorite seasonal pumpkin spice latte
*Limited time recipe, only available during the month of November

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